Bomb Max Strawberry Melon – Disposable Vape Flavors
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Bomb Max Strawberry Melon – Disposable Vape Flavors

The Bomb Max Strawberry Melon is one of the most popular disposable vape pens available. It offers 4800 puffs and a high-quality heating element that produces incredible flavors.

Its 6.5ml pre-filled pod lasts days without refilling or recharging. It also features 5% nicotine salt e-liquid and is perfect for those looking to quit smoking.

Strawberry Melon

Featuring a fresh strawberry and melon combination, Bomb Max Strawberry Melon is the perfect fruity treat for anyone that’s looking for a deliciously refreshing vape flavor. This device comes pre-filled with a generous 6.5ml of delicious e-liquid and boasts a powerful 1500mAh battery for hours of vaping pleasure.

This device offers 4800 puffs and features a high-quality heating element for fantastic flavors and satisfying thick vapor. This device is a great option for beginner vapers or those looking to stop smoking cigarettes. It uses nicotine salts, which provide a smooth and accurate cigarette-style throat hit without the thousands of harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Each device is pre-filled with a generous 6.5ml e-liquid and is available in multiple popular flavors. If your device blinks, it means it’s time to change out your pod or the battery needs to be recharged. Be sure to charge your device regularly so it doesn’t run out of power during use.


The Bomb Max 4800 puff disposable pod device is the latest addition to the Bomb line of premium and authentic vaporizers. The MAX is a powerful and satisfying alternative to smoking, featuring a generous 6.5ml pre-filled pod of delectable flavors that will last you days without refilling or recharging.

The MAX is powered by a new, powerful 1500mAh battery and features the 10 most popular Bomb flavors to date in a sleek, comfortable, and compact box mod-shaped device with a high-quality heating element for incredible flavor and thick vapor production.

Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, the MAX contains non-addictive nicotine salts and offers a smoother experience without any of the harmful chemicals and carcinogens found in smoke. The MAX’s 5% nicotine content helps eliminate cravings and curb the habit without any of the negative health effects associated with smoking. The MAX is the best disposable vape for beginner vapers and experienced users alike. This convenient and portable device will quickly become your go-to.


Experience the explosive flavors of melon and strawberries in this refreshing vape. The luscious flavor of ripe watermelon combines with succulent strawberry for a fruity treat that will make your mouth tingle. This premium e-liquid is available in the Bomb Max 4800 puff disposable vape device, one of the most popular options on the market.

This is an awesome option for those who prefer to take their favorite flavors on the go with a portable vape. The 6.5ml pre-filled pod offers 4800 puffs and features a 5% nicotine concentration. This device is also a great way to try out different flavors without investing in an entire bottle.

Looking for something a bit more tart? Tieton Cider Works’ Sour Watermelon cider is a blend of tart Granny Smith apples and sun-ripened Northwest watermelons. You can purchase it online or at the taproom in Yakima. Or, if you’re more of a beer fan, check out Fishback & Stephenson’s First Crush, which is brewed with a blend of sweet-and-sour melon candy and crisp apple.


The Bomb Max disposable vape pods come pre-filled with a delicious flavor and offer 4800 puffs. They have a powerful 1500mAh battery and are available in 10 popular flavors. The device is easy to use and features a high-quality heating element that delivers fantastic flavors and thick vapor.

Mango Bomb E Liquid by VGOD SaltNic is an eruption of sweet mangoes that will take your taste buds on a journey of exotic bliss. This mango-inspired flavor is complemented by the calming coolness of scattered menthol to create a smooth and refreshing vapor.

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