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My 42 inch, 24 HP Zero-turn uses about 2 gallons of fuel or $5.50 to mow my lawn. An electric riding mower will use about 75 cents in electricity. Plus, I don’t have to buy a gas can, go to the gas station in my vehicle, and have gas sitting around my garage.

As someone who grew up on a 70-acre farm and now owns a 5-acre property herself, she’s no stranger to lawn mowers, and she’s written extensively on them, even doing first-hand product testing. If you have several acres of property to maintain, you’ll love the Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Riding Mower. Large back tires give this zero-turn mower superior traction and create a smooth ride on uneven terrain.

Ryobi 38 Inches Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower is a piece of machinery that can cause harm and injury if not used properly. Because of this, it is important that you are alert and attentive when you are mowing your lawn. The cutting deck of any lawn mower determines how much grass is going to be cut in a single pass. Generally, the larger the cutting deck, the fewer passes you will have to make as you cut your lawn. Lawns under half an acre generally require a cutting deck up to 40 inches. Anything above two acres will typically need a cutting deck of 48 inches or higher.

It runs for up to two hours on one charge, has a 38-inch cutting width, and costs around $3,500. That being said, battery-powered riding mowers have their benefits. They’re quieter, for one, and they’re much better for the environment than gas-powered mowers. They don’t need as much maintenance as gas mowers, and you won’t have to store fuel for them.

Husqvarna Z142 42 In 17 Hp Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

The riding ones come with steering, transmission, and gas pedal. It will only take you a short time to finish cutting a large acre of land. Cutting with a riding lawn mower will take you half the time it will take for the manual mower to cut grass on a one-acre piece of land.

These will affect the kind of mower you buy so it’s best that you are aware of the topography of the area that needs maintenance. If you are going to use a commercial grade mower for hours, it has to be comfortable. The Husqvarna Z254 is as comfortable as commercial mowers can get.

You operate the machine using two joysticks to turn and control ground speed. There’s a slight learning curve to get the feel of the joysticks. But once you get the hang of it, you can mow at a top speed of 7 mph. One manufacturer, Cub Cadet, has eliminated the joystick approach and gone to a traditional steering wheel and gas pedal arrangement.

The legacy of this company lives on today, making it one of the leading riding mower brands available. For class-leading machines, you can’t beat the Husqvarna brand. This heavyweight contender tips the scales at 670-lbs, making is a robust and rugged riding mower. You’re sure to get plenty of use out of this machine, with a long service life that lasts for decades.

The procedure for engaging the blade for mowing is a bit awkward the first few times out but becomes second nature soon enough. And if you have changing elevation, this small riding lawn mower takes it on like a little red billy goat. It mulches better than most walk-behind mowers and, with the additional single bag collector, sucks up to 6.5 bushels of grass like a vacuum.

Electric Riding Mowers: Cut Your Grass, Without Gas! – Mother Earth News

Electric Riding Mowers: Cut Your Grass, Without Gas!.

Posted: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 02:06:04 GMT [source]

It has zero-turn technology (essential for ride-on mowers) and a 42-inch cutting path. The one downside to this model, excluding the high price, is that it is capable of holding six lithium batteries but only comes with four upon purchase. That’s something worth remembering if you do decide that this is the model for you. Your mower needs a lot of power to perform both of these tasks simultaneously. That’s why mowers with a power output around 20 HP or greater are usually perfect for demanding or large properties.

The cutting deck refers to the area under the machine where the blades spin. The cutting deck determines the width you can cut with each pass. Therefore, a 54-inch cutting deck offers you nearly 30% more coverage area than a 33-inch model. The large, air-filled tires, and padded ergonomic seat with back support, help to reduce the vibrations, adding to operator comfort.

mower How to Drive a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower – Popular Mechanics

mower How to Drive a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower.

Posted: Thu, 02 Jun 2016 07:00:00 GMT [source]

This is an incredibly useful safety measure to protect the rider. Despite all this, the owner’s manual for the MZ61 suggests restricting it to hills with a 10-degree slope. If you’re not sure if a lawn tractor or a zero turn would suit you best you can check out this page which points out some of the most asked about differences between them. The riding experience of the EGO POWER ZT4204L not only aims to deliver on power but on the specificities of the riding experience. There’s the adjustable seat, the super bright headlights, and even an onboard USB port for charging your phone.

So, the first thing we have to understand is why on some riding mowers have their engine in the front while others have them in the rear. Honestly I think the rear engine design is probably best because if you look at the larger zero turn mowers that are used by professionals the same rear engine design is used. On the smaller commercial mowers that we have in our homes cost is often a determining factor for engineers that make them.

To improve comfort, Ariens incorporates high-rise seats and cushioned armrest to ease long mowing rides. Lawn mowers are quite expensive, and you wouldn’t want yours getting damaged due to improper maintenance. Good maintenance will ensure long life and value for your money. However, you must accept the fact that these can use a lot of power that can run out quickly, causing inconveniences.


Landowners with larger lawns, over an acre, benefit from the larger front engine riding mowers to speed up their mowing time. Rear engine riding mowers usually have smaller deck sizes, ranging between 28 and 34 inches. Riding mowers with a front mounted engine are outfitted with larger deck sizes, ranging between 36 and 54 inches. The larger deck size allows you to cover more ground at once, drastically reducing mowing time. For properties over one acre, a front engine riding mower is the better choice.

The smaller cutting deck will add 30% more time to your lawn mowing duties, and on a large estate, that can mean a significant amount of extra time you need to spend mowing the lawn. Riding lawnmowers are expensive machines, and the last thing you want is to purchase a model that doesn’t suit the size of your yard. In this section, we’ll give you everything you need to know when selecting your ideal riding lawnmower. This model is the ideal choice for contractors and landscapers that service large pieces of land. The huge cutting deck makes short work of your mowing duties, and the commercial-grade motor will last for decades.

This style of lawn mower allows you to take care of your yard in less time, and dare we say that they even make lawn care enjoyable? With a nice riding mower, you can simply sit back with a drink and steer the machine, instead of pushing it around your yard by hand. The next thing you need to focus on is the size of the deck as that will handle the cutting part. Which means that it will take less time to cut grass in a wide yard. You will also get 5 different height adjustable setting options to control the blades. Our team’s budget choice is the Troy-Bilt 30” riding lawn mower that’s perfect for neighborhood mow jobs.

There is also a mow-in-reverse function that will allow you mow backward to cover any missed patch of grass without having to turn the mower around. Finally, this model has heavy duty tires built for maximum traction and balance. The front tires measure 15 inches by 6 inches while the larger rear tires measure 20 inches by 8-inch. It has a soft-touch steering wheel that is easy to control with the hands allowing for softer movements around the lawn.

Extra features might include a cup or bottle holder, extended or greater legroom, foot pedals in rubber to avoid slippage and increase foot comfort, etc. Cruise control is a feature best rear engine riding mower that is available with some hydrostatic or automatic transmissions. Should you select a riding mower that is powered by batteries, it may cost you as much as 30% more.

Also consider that riding lawn mowers need enough space for storage. The bigger the mower, the larger the garage or shed to store them will be. Your garden or lawn should be big enough to consider buying a riding lawn mower. The only drawback is the missing armrest found in other commercial riding lawn mowers. For a commercial grade lawn mower, we feel the 46-inch cutting deck is appropriate to get large scale mowing jobs done in time.

It will perfectly and effortlessly cut thick grass without showing the lines thereby making the lawn look consistent and you don’t need to worry about constant clogs during the process. John Deere combines ability and comfort in this zero-turn mower, thanks to its powerful V-twin engine, convenient controls, 18-inch high adjustable seat, arm rests, and even a couple cupholders. We previously named it the best zero turn mower for this great combination of features. Though most zero-turns don’t work best on hills, the John Deere has more power and a floating deck better suited for slopes. Expensive zero-turns like this John Deere lack enough expert ratings for us to give it a score, but it has consistently appeared at the top of our best zero-turn riding mower lists. In addition to these features, John Deere owners love the cruise control, tight turn radius, and separate gas pedals for forward and reverse.

  • Though there are several types of lawn mowers you can ride, this article is about only one of them, the rear-engine type.
  • If you have a large garden with lots of hills and rough terrain, then you’ll need more power than if you simply had to go up and down a flat, moderately sized lawn a couple of times.
  • This machine makes it into our review as a great low-cost alternative to a Husqvarna model.
  • This is our pick for homeowners who have large yards but want a mower that’s not too overwhelming in size.
  • Amazon reviewers also report that it’s a great mower to use if your yard isn’t too large or hilly, or if space in your shed or garage is a bit tight.
  • When selecting your riding mower, you’ll need to compare the following features to find the model that’s best for your property.
  • Although it may be more uncomfortable or jerky to use the gear operated riding lawnmower.
  • It mulches better than most walk-behind mowers and, with the additional single bag collector, sucks up to 6.5 bushels of grass like a vacuum.