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Your bank account is marked as being a spammer

Your bank account is marked as being a spammer

After login, you will be redirect to another subsite, but when I try do this, I got if you click on “My Enclave” button:

MISTAKE: Your account happens to be marked as a spammer

I will be utilizing a Join My Multisite plugin which enables login throughout the web web web sites, additionally, the subsite uses BuddyPress that must be the culprit with this problem. So what can i really do to prevent this?

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  • Philip
    • Web Web Web Site Builder, Child of Zeus
    • Therefore I have actually diagnosed the problem;

      ISSUE 1:

      Whenever connecting through the PRINCIPAL web site towards the SUB-SITE; a person is established within the sub-site utilizing the account that is matching details through the primary web web site, but, it seems to flag the account as “Spammer” in the sub-site as soon as linked over, this clearly stops an individual from signing into this sub-site. (See right here for screenshot)

      ISSUE 2:

      I have to then manually log in to the admin panel for the SUB-SITE and mark the user as”Not Spam”, which upon doing this will immediately then change the status associated with the initial individual within the MAIN-SITE from “Approved” to “Pending”, which in turn stops the consumer from having the ability to log on to the primary website. (See right right right here for screenshot 1, See right right right here for screenshot 2)