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The Solve: How Come We Keep Dating The Exact Same Kind?

The Solve: How Come We Keep Dating The Exact Same Kind?

Probably one of the most typical dating pitfalls for females is it comes to whom we choose to date and why that we keep repeating the same mistakes, especially when. In the event that you’ve ever thought about mid-breakup the manner in which you wound up straight back right here or found yourself rolling your eyes after another disappointing first date, understand this: you aren’t alone.

Plenty of us find ourselves wading through the exact same swimming pools yet yearning for a new viewpoint on finding lasting love. To greatly help, ESSENCE decided to go to experts. Matchmakers Tana Gilmore and Kelli Fisher, referred to as Matchmaking Duo, offer up their best advice to assist you alter program.

Maybe you’re maybe not selecting the type that is wrong but possibly the incorrect kind is selecting you.”

ESSENCE: What makes females attracted to the characters that are similar dating?

KELLI FISHER: there are many reasons. A person is, possibly you’re not choosing the incorrect kind, but probably the wrong type is selecting you. Then the only people you’re talking to are the ones who approach you, and they may or may not be right for you if you can’t initiate a conversation or don’t feel comfortable doing so. It can be which you keep attracting the incorrect individual, as soon as you obtain into the space with an individual who will be the right individual or some body you are interested in, you don’t make the initiative.

TANA GILMORE: all women we meet are actually targeting whatever they want versus what they require, so they’re in search of that attraction that is immediate. They need a person who appears great and it has chiseled hands, a income that is six-figure that dazzling look even though this individual doesn’t have a similar objective because they have actually.