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QUT biology student gifted fasciated pineapple at Sunshine Coast barbecue seeks responses

QUT biology student gifted fasciated pineapple at Sunshine Coast barbecue seeks responses

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An image of a fanned pineapple popped up online this week, perplexing visitors in what may have triggered the uncommon mutation. Does this happen frequently? Where had been it from? & Most importantly, are you able to nevertheless eat it?


  • The present of the fasciated pineapple from a Queensland farmer set QUT biology student Ynna Hernandez-Europa on a journey of development
  • The fruit that is freaky grown by brothers Colin and Mark Harris to their farm in Wamuran, north of Brisbane
  • Fasciation can happen in many plants and may be brought on by anxiety or by hereditary and hormone facets

The pineapple is known by specialists as a fasciated — or fan-top — pineapple.

Yes fasciated, not fascinated.

Ynna Hernandez-Europa, a biology pupil at Queensland University of tech, had been gifted the multi-headed pineapple by its Sunshine Coast grower at a barbecue throughout the week-end.

The fruit that is freaky through the pineapple farm owned by brothers Colin and Mark Harris in Wamuran, north of Brisbane.

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